Investing in our future

Why do we Grow our Own?

Fort Zumwalt School District has experienced tremendous growth since the 1990’s and with this growth comes the need of additional teachers. Simultaneously, the teacher “shortage areas” identified by the State of Missouri continue to worsen for several certification categories. Our innovative Grow Your Own Teachers Program raises the awareness and assistance among Fort Zumwalt students wanting to pursue a career in teaching.  Through development and leadership opportunities for these students, Fort Zumwalt School District has been able to  increase the number of quality teaching candidates for these hard to fill areas in our district.

How Do We Do It? 

College is expensive! However through the generosity of many Fort Zumwalt School District employees as well as special event fundraisers, the Fort Zumwalt Education Foundation is able to give  a $7,000/ year loan to eight deserving future district teachers for four years.  The no-interest loan is forgiven once the student completes their fourth year of
teaching within the district in a high-needs area.  

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